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  • Coming Soon! The Big Heart Bank
    Coming Soon! The Big Heart Bank

    Most of us grew up using a bank with one hole. Our bank has THREE separate compartments to hold your child’s money. This will allow you to teach your children to separate their money into three categories. They will learn at the earliest of ages the joy of giving to others in need, the wisdom of saving, and the peace of spending money wisely so they will have even more left to give and save! This bank is made of shatterproof resin and is approximately 9 × 9 inches in size.

  • Coming Soon!
    Coming Soon! "The Richest Town in the World" Book

    This whimsical hardback storybook with beautiful illustrations, is the first in our series from The Tales of Pennington. This story will take your children on a journey through the town of Pennington into the Land of Leeds. They will meet Gertie McLoon the bank teller, Fritter O Frie the big spender, and Skitter BNutty, the squirrel who saves every nut. And they will meet Paddy Pig, the cobbler who saves the town from disaster. Your children will love the story and it’s colorful characters. Please click on the “Preview” button to view.

    Also, consider buying our e-book App which includes an audio narrator, Gertie McLoon. As an option, you will also have the ability to record your own voice reading to your children.

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  • Coming Soon! Big Heart Starter Kit
    Coming Soon! Big Heart Starter Kit

    To fully teach the concept of Give, Save, and Spend wisely, buy our kit which includes our storybook and the 3 compartment bank. Our 3 compartment bank is pictured in the book and very much a part of the story from The Tales of Pennington, so children will feel part of the story along with the characters of Pennington.