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Founder's Note

The past few years have been a wake-up call for millions of people around the world. Many of us realized we were not prepared for a national financial crisis. Our personal bank accounts have taken a hit, and that directly impacted our families. Being parents, this moved us profoundly, especially as we considered our kids and how we might prepare them for the road ahead.

We want our children to grow up understanding the value of hard work and the responsibility of managing their money wisely. We want them to know the freedom that comes from having saved and the satisfaction of ownership without unnecessary borrowing. We are equally committed to teaching our children the joy of giving, and helping others in need.

We created Big Heart Bankers so that saving, giving, and spending can be fun and simple for kids and their parents.

Join us on the journey. Those we prepare today will thrive and be a light in the world. That’s what we want for all our children.

Co-Founders and Brothers,
John Kelly Hewitt and Kendall Hewitt
Big Heart Bankers, LLC.